Thoughts on “The Power of ‘Doing'” by Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke posted this short article on his blog today, and I thought to share it. Find it here: I like much of what Cooke says, but I’d up that another notch for the Christian wanting to make an impact on his culture using film and video. The challenge and concepts for doing so are powerfully presented in the great motivational book by Mark BattersonIn a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day. Unless we are willing to attempt great things for God – to look foolish in demonstration of our dependence on Him – we will not be able to fully harness the power available through faith in the Divine provider. It’s a challenging paradox: look foolish to obtain greatness.

God is often times seen in the Scriptures acting on His promises as His followers take their steps of action. For instance, the priests in Joshua’s day only saw the Jordan River begin to recede as they stepped down into the water. If they would never have been willing to act on their faith, they would have never crossed the river. As a result of their willingness to look foolish by carrying the ark of the covenant down the embankment into the water, God then responded.

If God has led you to do a task for Him, He is waiting on you to take the next step. As you begin to do so, then He will begin to open the doors and to prove His strength. Don’t expect Him to shew you into action. Go ahead. Step into the water. Watch the miracles begin to happen as you continue moving forward with your eyes fixed on your God-given goal. As Cooke (and Nike) says, “Just Do it.”


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