A Change of Perspective: What’s Really Imortant in Life?

Today was quite a different day. It started with a quick chug of my vitamins on the way out the door to teach my 7 am class at Trinity Baptist College. Then, there was the playing of a short film as an illustration in a high school chapel. Just after that, I was in my wife’s classroom teaching second graders about the 4 major forces involved in flight and how to fold paper airplanes. Now, I sit in the back control room running screens for a funeral.

Life gets so busy that we have a tendency to forget about the one element we need for all the hustle and bustle to exist – life itself. Yet, it’s such a basic thing that it is simply taken for granted. In retrospect, my day was filled with the reality of life. My great college class interacted on their projects. All of the kids in my wife’s class had enough activity to keep Jacksonville lit for days if their energy could be harvested. The youth in the high school chattered and enjoyed one another’s company, and they listened during the film. However, as I sit here now and observe a motionless body in a casket, it’s quite clear that the gentleman lying there does not have life. He is incapable of communicating; he’s not able to celebrate with friends and family any longer; there are no more days to observe a sunrise or a sunset.

Me, I’m challenged to make the most of my days. My wife and son will probably get a hug tonight when I get home from work. I’ll probably spend less time working on stuff around the house and focus more on my relationships. The issues I’m going through will not seem as important today, just because I’m thankful for my life and I want to make the most of it.

We don’t know when time in this present life is ordained to be over. So, while I am impacted by today’s experiences, I’m hoping that it will also stay true tomorrow and each additional day granted by the Creator. Celebrate life.


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