A Meeting with Jon Daggett

Attending the Innovate Conference at Thomas Road Baptist Church, I make it a point to meet up with as many people as possible to stretch myself. I’ll save some time later for two challenging messages from Jonathan Falwell and Chuck Swindoll (Mark Batterson is coming up in just a few minutes from this writing). One of the likely rarely unmentioned individuals at Thomas Road is Mr. Jon Daggett.

Jon introduced himself as my curiosity drove me upstairs into the production area of the balcony. Very kind, he allowed me to ask anything I wanted, and he very knowledgeably explained their processes and equipment. Now, the budget I work under can’t touch what TRBC is doing, but seeing the software and equipment has helped me to learn that production ministry is built on both vision and creativity. Every ministry is different. Small churches work on shoestring budgets while mega-churches can afford to cut the edge with technology. Yet, even others will create their own elements to fit within the program they generate. Jon Daggett is such a person who has done that.

Enter CastleSoft, part of Jon’s passion put to creative programming. Churches that may have needs for multiple monitors, timecode, digital signage, and a myriad of visual/production elements should really consider what CastleSoft has to offer.

Well, be sure to check out their website: http://www.castlesoft.us. See the Mac-based options available. Churches doing production work and incorporating words for songs with motion backgrounds via keying and switching can see the cost-effective options of ClipWorks and ScreenWorks, allowing for strong keys of text with extremely clear shadows, rather than the traditional blockiness that MediaShout and other worship software can provide.

Another item that caught my curiosity on TRBC’s platform is their video wall made up of nine matrixed plasma monitors. Traditionally, a matrix requires a separate piece of equipment to divide the video feed to each monitor, but Samsung has gone the extra mile to put the technology into their professional monitors. See a sample of the technology here.

Well, that’s all from me for now. I’m signing off so I can continue to observe the service and to listen to Mark Batterson.


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