3 Keys to Promoting Your Work in the New Media Generation

I just viewed Phil Cooke’s video blog which was posted on vimeo in November, 2009. See it here. After listing several elements about the increasing changes in digital media, he promotes three ways to keep up with the trend and to promote a business or ministry. He calls it discovering “your brand.” Here are the questions you need to ask:First, “Who are you? What makes you you?”
This is the starting point for creating your own identity. Starting at the bottom, are you selling toothbrushes, creating film, or a church ministry?

Second, “What are your unique talents? What makes you special?”
Think now about any special abilities (not necessarily superhero stuff, here) you may have. In selling toothbrushes, are you able to juggle them to gain crowds in an effort to make the sale? In creating film, do you really have the eye of a creator of art? In church work, do you surpass the ability of others in your field? This item speaks to excellence. It requires an inventory to decide if you are really doing something that will make an impact. Essentially, if your work ceased to exist today, would it be missed?

Third, “What makes you different? What separates you from the pack?”
Okay, now you are getting into your own special niche. The toothbrushes you sell, do they look and function just like other toothbrushes, do they look more fashionable? Filmmaker, is your focus on creating special effects in blockbuster films, the ability to get the perfect angles to tell a story better than others? As a ministry, are you reaching a specific group of people better than others or promoting a cause with great enthusiasm?

Having created numerous promotional clips for missionaries, a regular question I ask them is “What makes you different from every other missionary?” Some have never even thought about it. Yet, churches are not just looking for the missionary who is simply going to Mexico like “every other” missionary. They want to support a missionary who is going to fill a niche and need – who has specific talents and goals that set him apart.

The same is true for your work. People look for specialists, not just the average Joe. Find your place and promote it.


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