Standing at the Threshold: Finding Provision for Your God-Given Vision

“When God gives a vision, there will be provision for it” – Mark Batterson. “What you order you pay for. What God orders He pays for” – Tom Messer. The statements are true. The Creator leads His own and will always meet needs as they follow His will.

Consider Joseph. God gave him a dream stating that he would be great, and through much turmoil and time there was eventual triumph. What Joseph’s brothers meant for evil, God had a plan to preserve the people of Israel and to provide for the rest of the world surrounding Egypt.

Now, I’m not promoting the selfish dreams that people talk about today – building lucrative empires through business, owning houses and lands at the envy of others – I’m talking about building on the vision of God’s will for an individual. For example, a good friend of mine just quit his job in a salaried position so that he can move to a smaller town, get a job, and work with his father-in-law to build back a suffering church ministry. For many this would appear to be a step backward in life. For him, this is the direction that God has moved him. Will he get rich doing this? doubt it. Will he be famous? maybe never. Yet, God will meet his needs and He will give the stamina and the influence needed to bring people into God’s family. Will that church grow? likely, as God’s Word is followed and lives are changed.

Is God pulling at your heart? Maybe you don’t have a relationship with Him. That’s the first step (If you want answers, I’d be glad to help). If you know God and are serving Him, there will likely be a time when God works you to a point where you are ready to do something great for Him. No, it won’t necessarily be great in the world’s eyes (but it could), since the world’s standard isn’t the Lord’s standard for success, but it will likely include an avenue where you can influence life-change in those within your sphere of influence. You’ll likely hesitate at the threshold wondering if you should take the next step; you may even shudder at the opportunity. Yet, you will teeter at the pinnacle of decision knowing that beyond the next step of faith will be a world where God is so much more real – where life is so much more meaningful and the joy of obedience is more rewarding than the greatest accolade. Like Joseph of old, circumstances (while possibly difficult) will not be the deciding factor in decisions, but God’s truth and mercy will be the proper guides to bring about lasting joy and peace – an enduring dynasty.

Go ahead. Take the step.


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