Love on a Cold & Drafty Night

Winter was in full force, and the wind could be heard twisting itself between the nearby buildings. At times it whistled through the fire escape, somehow making the cold night feel even colder. The draft sent the Lady of the house to bed early, as she hoped to curl up under her covers, safe from the dropping household temperatures. In time, she settled into a soft sleep, bundled within the cloud-like layers of cloth about her.

Some time after, the man of that house slowly entered on the ground floor, tip-toed up flights of stairs, and prepared himself for bed in stealthy manner, as he had done many nights before. He was weary from the day he spent, yet he knew to keep alert and quiet, so as to help his Beloved gain her needed rest. She, too, had toiled long; he must not startle her.

Slowly, the gentleman pulled back the covers on his side of the bed and slid into his vacant spot between the icy sheets. His toes almost went numb; his back was chilled, yet he focused still on allowing his Bride to sleep without interruption — no kick; no hard swallow; no shiver — though his eyes were opened quite large from the shock of the cold. Finally, though, he could not hold back. Almost out of desperation for just a little warmth, he reached out to gently rest his hand on the small of his Darling’s back, and when he connected with her he was overtaken by the love that he had for her, so much so that he was instantly warmed both inside and out. The radiance was overwhelming, yet magically calming. In a matter of moments, the gentleman could be found at rest, dreaming about his wonderful life with the Precious Lady who shared the warmth beside him. It was love on a cold and drafty night.


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