Creativity: An Introduction

To be creative results “from originality of thought, expression, etc.” or being “imaginative,” according to

Through all of time, great creatives have risen to the surface who have provided different perspectives, invented new ways of performing tasks, or even captured hearts through telling powerful stories. No one can mistake a name like Michelangelo, who painted the Sistine Chapel and chiseled David from marble, George Washington Carver, who devised numerous inventions, of which over three hundred came from mere peanuts, or even Walt Disney, who revolutionized film animation and constructed a literal kingdom for vacationing families from swamp lands in Florida.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be taking a journey into the tenets of creativity, and I trust that together we’ll discover answers to some life questions that can shape our own creative efforts, shed light on our own individuality, and hopefully even provide for new ways for living life to its fullest. What is creativity, really? How is it possible? Does it have value? How can it be achieved?

We’ll take a look at various facets (though not exhaustive) of this beautiful, yet volatile trait with the hope of not only establishing a deeper understanding, but also developing a stronger ability to to tap into your unique creative talents in your future pursuits:

  • Its source: individuality
  • Its inspiration: finding a solution
  • Its parameters: expression vs order
  • Its risk: finding acceptance
  • Its voice: emotion + reason
  • Its power: unity vs destruction
  • Its dependence: the inner voice


Series Shortcuts:

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