Creativity: Finding Your Inner Voice

It’s important to hear your inner voice.

It’s funny that some people get the heebie jeebies when we talk about something so simple, but yes, it is okay to admit that we all hold regular conversations within us about our choices and opinions, noting observations regarding the beautiful and even the repulsive. All of this, tied to our unique upbringing and worldview, goes into making us who we are.

Have you heard your inner voice lately?

Listen! Set aside your headphones, turn off your phone, and simply listen. From within, you connect the psyche, the emotional, the spiritual, and in doing so you will grow to express yourself with greater depth as a more mature, more complete human being.

Unfortunately the world loves to tell you who you are, and sadly that is the voice we often hear most, since it is often the loudest! Some say they love you when they don’t. Others love you, but they don’t know why. Even others like you today, but they won’t tomorrow. The constantly changing temperature of your blog, your social media profile, and even the reviews of your creative work only reveal a melancholy outlook if you rely on them too heavily.

Return to the inside. Be quiet. Take time to consider where you are, where you have come from, and where you are going. Be reminded of your value as a person, regardless of your successes and failures, and rest simply in who you are as one who is loved by the Creator. He loves you, and He applauds your efforts as you seek to do what He made you to do for His glory—create!

Mark Sanborn provides some other great tips that should prove helpful during moments of introspection:

  1. Make time to think hard.
  2. Focus on thinking about what and how to improve.
  3. Eliminate errors and outdated thinking.
  4. Stimulate your brain.
  5. Write down your thoughts.

Questions to Consider:

  • To what degree should I value feedback on my creative work? How can I measure personal success?
  • How much do I allow my social media profile to influence feelings regarding my personal value?
  • If God, who loves me, placed me here with the ability to create, what should my response be?

Concluding Thoughts

From here, where do your interests go? Do you ever wonder how to exercise your creativity? Are you interested in studying other great creatives? Chime in, and from here maybe we can take the journey together.

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