Don Schaffer is a enthusiastic creator of the motion picture. He spends much of his time producing, directing, writing, and instructing, along with studying methods of effective visual storytelling. His passion is the communication of wholesome themes in film and video with excellence. He can often be found discussing film or consulting with others on how to get the job done effectively. He produces and directs for Point Light Pictures and other industry partners, and has completed projects for nationally known brands, such as Honda Corporation, Dunlop Tires, ABM, Johnson and Johnson/Vistakon, etc.

Don’s blog is intended to serve as a guide for both filmmakers and business professionals to learn and to collaborate on methods and means for creatively connecting with meaningful stories.

  1. July 3, 2012 at 10:58 am

    Hi Don,

    For some reason twitter would not let me reply to you. Thank you for your kind remarks. I live just north of you in Beaufort, SC. I grew up in the hills of SC then spent 15 years in LA getting the career up and running. When I met my wife we agreed to raise our children in a better place. So here we are twenty years later.

    Give me a call some time and let’s see if we can combine forces on a project or two.




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