Don is an independent film/video producer. Originally based out of Jacksonville, FL, he is also present in Los Angeles, CA. As a producer, director, writer, his travels have taken him across North America, along with capturing projects overseas. Beyond scripted production, he has served as a technical director for live video and has tackled complex stage and lighting design in large venues. Anyone who knows Don will note his ability to straddle the isle between the creative and the technical, moving projects cohesively toward successful ends via organized goals and sought clarity while also having fun in the process. He produces and directs for Point Light Pictures and other industry partners, and has completed projects for nationally known brands, such as Honda Corporation, Dunlop Tires, ABM, Johnson & Johnson/Vistakon, etc.

Don’s blog is intended to serve as a guide for filmmakers, creatives, and business professionals to learn and to collaborate on methods and means for creatively telling meaningful stories.


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  1. Hi Don,

    For some reason twitter would not let me reply to you. Thank you for your kind remarks. I live just north of you in Beaufort, SC. I grew up in the hills of SC then spent 15 years in LA getting the career up and running. When I met my wife we agreed to raise our children in a better place. So here we are twenty years later.

    Give me a call some time and let’s see if we can combine forces on a project or two.




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