Love on a Cold & Drafty Night

Winter was in full force, and the wind could be heard twisting itself between the nearby buildings. At times it whistled through the fire escape, somehow making the cold night feel even colder. The draft sent the Lady of the house to bed early, as she hoped to curl up under her covers, safe from the dropping household temperatures. In time,... Continue Reading →

Christians, Voting, & Kirk Cameron

Now, here's a great example of harnessing media to influence an audience! As the Presidential election rapidly approaches, I've learned from various discussions with those in my part of the country that many Americans are finding themselves polarized by the antics of one whom they consider a self-built business mogul who enjoys his turn to talk and a lifetime politician... Continue Reading →

A Boy and His Prize

Just before summer started, I observed a boy of 8-9 years of age searching for a prize so energetically that I had to stop my typical hurried walk from my car to the office and watch.

Stage & Lighting Design: “On the Other Side of the Tracks”

I was fortunate to work with fellow creatives at Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida to create an eye-catching backdrop for a recent conference, specifically, handling the lighting aspect. Jonathan Malm (twitter: @jonathanmalm) posted a great article regarding the project on his website, Church Stage Design Ideas.

UK ‘Priest’ Trailer Editor Headed to Hollywood, Courtesy of Sony Pictures

A few months ago, Sony followed three film students from the United Kingdom as they competed for the best edit of a trailer for the film, "Priest." Of these, Mr. Joshua Sanger stands triumphant. You can see details and read my critique of each of their edits in the competition here. Just recently, I learned that... Continue Reading →

I’m Going to Jail

Okay, this is a way out of the ordinary blog post for me, and I am not really going to jail, except to help kids with muscular dystrophy. Honestly, I've been hesitant to help out with organizations like this before, but I can't really explain why, except to say that most of my donated money... Continue Reading →

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