“I Need a Car” A True Run-n-Gun Video Production

Editing can be a nightmare when you shoot without a shot list, which makes me glad that I both shoot and edit,…

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How to Fund Your Film Project

Production for me has moved from the basic run-and-gun video to full-scale crews and sizeable budgets. When the needs for productions grow, it gets difficult to call favors from your crew, and it seems that everyone wants their cut on the deal. As a producer, I need to keep this in mind, balancing the budget […]

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Editing a Successful Film Trailer

When it comes to creating a successful film trailer, many new producers and editors will settle for a quick overview of the entire movie. Come to think of it, many big films are guilty of this too, and then the audience wonders why they had to pay to see the flick in the first place, […]

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