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Canon C100 Camera Review

October 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Don shoots with a C100 in Guatemala

The Canon C100 was a weapon of choice for a project I shot nearly a year ago in Guatemala (documenting poverty and the impact on children & families by charitable giving) and then recently in Peru where small form factor and a filmic image were desired. Also, shooting with a documentary format would require both location sound via a shotgun mic and interview sound from a couple lapel mics. For those who have done run-and-gun work with a DSLR, they know that it can be a struggle double-checking to be sure that the sound recorder is functioning properly and that the resulting separate audio and video files stay organized. Likewise, constantly changing locations can have a significant impact on the ability to set the correct aperture, shutter speed and ISO for accurate imaging on a DSLR in extended lighting ranges. While still of concern on the C100, the 4K imager provides the shooter with a broader range, allowing significantly more flexibility to record images that will be adjusted and color corrected in post. Here are some of my thoughts on the gear and how it performed. Read more…

Church Tech: Doing Your Best When You Don’t Have the Best

Old CamerasSome time ago, I read Mike Sessler’s article “Do a Good Job,” and I was reminded that it’s rare for most church tech guys to get what they feel they need in order to perform their jobs as well as they think they should. Mike’s bent is more on the fact that doing well will result in growth and an increase of tools – a biblical model that effective stewardship results in greater trust, reward, and added responsibility. Yet, the current scenario in the local ministry where I serve has found us milking as much as we can out of our gear, pushing for excellence, yet still seeing a reduction of output. Here are my thoughts on the matter… Read more…

Fix It in Post: Overview of Editor’s Choices in Film Production

December 7, 2012 2 comments

After all the footage is captured for a film/video project, the video editor holds the most powerful set of tools to set the tone, create interest, and to move the story forward in a logical format. Shot angles are chosen, bad shots are tossed or fixed, and the sequence of events are adjusted to retain viewer curiosity and build through the climax to conclusion.

I’ve found in working with editors that they bring their own sense of perspective to the table, and a director must acknowledge that. Read more…

Balancing Lighting and Video for TV Broadcast

October 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Most people think of the bottom line when it comes down to purchasing new equipment, and cost is certainly a consideration. However, if cost is your only connection, you are likely a bit short-sighted. Trinity’s Media Department has been recommending the benefits of newer camera technology for years, noting greater creativity and enhanced connection of online & TV viewers to the captured shot. Obviously, this doesn’t pay the bills… Read more…

“I Need a Car” A True Run-n-Gun Video Production

November 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Okay, first, watch “I Need a Car” and see the clip on facebook, then read how it was completed.

I usually don’t do stuff last minute, but it must have been fate that I was thinking about WJXT’s Morning Jam Contest when I was approached by a guy who asked me to help him win a car. Unfortunately, I only had two days to complete the project. GULP! So, I threw all caution to the wind and did a true “run-n-gun” production.  Read more…

How to Fund Your Film Project

October 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Production for me has moved from the basic run-and-gun video to full-scale crews and sizeable budgets. When the needs for productions grow, it gets difficult to call favors from your crew, and it seems that everyone wants their cut on the deal. As a producer, I need to keep this in mind, balancing the budget so that it works out favorably for both the client, talent, and crew. In doing this, everyone wins and relationship lines stay open – a huge goal for continued success in the filmmaker’s arena.

So, how can this be done? What are some elements to consider when you are needing to get deeper responses from prospective funding sources? Read more…

‘Wrecked’ Selected for Central Florida Film Festival

'Wrecked' has been qualified as an Official Selection of the Central Florida Film Festival. Exciting to move forward. This is a tribute to God's blessing, team work, and great talent.

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