How to Win an Argument Like Jesus

Imagine arriving at the coffee pot to pour your morning coffee when, rather than receiving the traditional greeting, you are backed against the wall by some HDIs (highly disgruntled individuals) because you made a really unpopular decision, and now you've got to dig your way out... As executives and managers, and simply even spouses and parents, many find themselves in this very... Continue Reading →

Balancing Lighting and Video for TV Broadcast

Most people think of the bottom line when it comes down to purchasing new equipment, and cost is certainly a consideration. However, if cost is your only connection, you are likely a bit short-sighted. Trinity's Media Department has been recommending the benefits of newer camera technology for years, noting greater creativity and enhanced connection of... Continue Reading →

Stage & Lighting Design: “On the Other Side of the Tracks”

I was fortunate to work with fellow creatives at Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida to create an eye-catching backdrop for a recent conference, specifically, handling the lighting aspect. Jonathan Malm (twitter: @jonathanmalm) posted a great article regarding the project on his website, Church Stage Design Ideas.

Standing at the Threshold: Finding Provision for Your God-Given Vision

You'll likely hesitate at the threshold wondering if you should take the next step; you may even shudder at the opportunity. Yet, you will teeter at the pinnacle of decision knowing that beyond the next step of faith will be a world where God is so much more real - where life is so much more meaningful and the joy of obedience is more rewarding than the greatest accolade.

A Meeting with Jon Daggett

Attending the Innovate Conference at Thomas Road Baptist Church, I make it a point to meet up with as many people as possible to stretch myself. I'll save some time later for two challenging messages from Jonathan Falwell and Chuck Swindoll (Mark Batterson is coming up in just a few minutes from this writing). One of the likely rarely unmentioned... Continue Reading →

Professionalism vs. Prayer

Success in ministry (and one's spiritual life) is not found in the individual and his accomplishments, but it is found in his continued expression of total dependence on God, regardless of each situation's outcome.

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