Creativity: Emotion + Reason

Earlier in the Creativity series we discuss the paradox of Expression vs Order, concluding that the two are parallel rails leading the train of thought to its final destination. In Creativity: Inspired by a Solution we discover the two types of creatives—expressive and innovative. In this post we'll dig a bit deeper, looking specifically at Emotion and Reason to learn... Continue Reading →

How to Win an Argument Like Jesus

Imagine arriving at the coffee pot to pour your morning coffee when, rather than receiving the traditional greeting, you are backed against the wall by some HDIs (highly disgruntled individuals) because you made a really unpopular decision, and now you've got to dig your way out... As executives and managers, and simply even spouses and parents, many find themselves in this very... Continue Reading →

How to Thrive under Indecisive Leadership

… mission statements and catchy slogans are great, but when people are left wondering how the chimes and rhymes really apply to their daily task lists things really aren't working.

Dilemma of the Mind

I've got the option to use the vast wisdom and knowledge I've gathered through my years, and potentially mess things up, or I can move up to a spiritual plane and ask for wisdom from the Lord to be sure I'm doing what I should.

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