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How to Live out Grace, A Personal Illustration

February 22, 2017 3 comments
img_6560_yellow_webAs I was getting ready to work at my home office this morning I noticed that my son left an English paper home, and I texted him about it. Shortly thereafter, I received a call from him noting a sense of desperation to figure out a way to at least get some credit for completing his work. From past experience, there were negative ramifications for submitting a project late, and, like most any good parent would, I had to remind him a couple times already this school year that we must all submit to the consequences of our mistakes. Today, he was 15 minutes away from learning that painful lesson yet again.
Going against my normal instincts, my mind rang with an opportunity to Read more…

A Change of Perspective: What’s Really Imortant in Life?

April 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Today was quite a different day. It started with a quick chug of my vitamins on the way out the door to teach my 7 am class at Trinity Baptist College. Then, there was the playing of a short film as an illustration in a high school chapel. Just after that, I was in my wife’s classroom teaching second graders about the 4 major forces involved in flight and how to fold paper airplanes. Now, I sit in the back control room running screens for a funeral.

Life gets so busy that we have a tendency to forget about the one element we need for all the hustle and bustle to exist – Read more…

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