Purpose + Personal Strength + Passion = Destiny

Most everyone born in the later half of the 20th Century is familiar with the 1981 Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire (Best Picture, Best Original Music Score, Best Original Screenplay, Best Costume Design + 3 additional nominations), featuring the story of runner Eric Liddell. The Olympic gold medal recipient has influenced many following his days... Continue Reading →

Standing at the Threshold: Finding Provision for Your God-Given Vision

You'll likely hesitate at the threshold wondering if you should take the next step; you may even shudder at the opportunity. Yet, you will teeter at the pinnacle of decision knowing that beyond the next step of faith will be a world where God is so much more real - where life is so much more meaningful and the joy of obedience is more rewarding than the greatest accolade.

Professionalism vs. Prayer

Success in ministry (and one's spiritual life) is not found in the individual and his accomplishments, but it is found in his continued expression of total dependence on God, regardless of each situation's outcome.

A Sense of Direction…

(Moved from Facebook, originally posted on November 3, 2009 If I asked you, what is the one thing that you would do if you knew that you could not fail at it? what would you say? You know, as I observe people, I see many with regrets. They wish they had done this or that.... Continue Reading →

Results from a Trip to Africa

As [God's] child, I am willing to move through the doors of opportunity. I am willing to take risks. I am learning to be willing to look foolish (Didn’t Moses look foolish approaching Pharoah’s chamber to declare, “Let my people go?“) in an effort to ultimately demonstrate the power of God through my weekness.

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