How to Live out Grace, A Personal Illustration

As I was getting ready to work at my home office this morning I noticed that my son left an English paper home, and I texted him about it. Shortly thereafter, I received a call from him noting a sense of desperation to figure out a way to at least get some credit for completing his... Continue Reading →

Wonder: Still got it?

So often we trudge through each day handling our tasks, only to complete everything (or add some to the next day's list) and then do the same the next day. Honestly, such an existence is mundane, boring, and an absolute waste! Yet, it's so funny how we all fall into that repetitive trap. Just this... Continue Reading →

A Boy and His Prize

Just before summer started, I observed a boy of 8-9 years of age searching for a prize so energetically that I had to stop my typical hurried walk from my car to the office and watch.

Learning to Laugh at Yourself

Laughing at ourselves is a difficult thing to do. I've grown up regularly putting myself down, and had the regular complex that all of the world was looking at each step I made. It led me to a high sense of living as a perfectionist and times of unnecessary shame or embarrassment. It can further stunt personal growth and keep an individual from achieving personal goals.

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