Purpose + Personal Strength + Passion = Destiny

Most everyone born in the later half of the 20th Century is familiar with the 1981 Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire (Best Picture, Best Original Music Score, Best Original Screenplay, Best Costume Design + 3 additional nominations), featuring the story of runner Eric Liddell. The Olympic gold medal recipient has influenced many following his days... Continue Reading →

The Picture Window: Letting Customers Know You’re Open for Business

As a business owner, my guess is that you have the tools to meet the needs of your clients - education, tools, etc., but it's important to ask yourself if you appear ready and able to your potential clients.

Intrinsics & Production’s 3 Major Forces

Most anyone who produces anything (books, videos, toys, cars) can tell you the three major forces that are constantly tugging at each other: Cost, Time, and Quality. Essentially, you can pick two of these items, but the third will be pulled from the sum of the other two. For instance, if I choose to do a quickly... Continue Reading →

Review of Scenechronize Film Production Management Software

Personally, I like to handle the organizing of a project up front, rather than having to suffer through a bunch of unknowns in the middle of the shooting/creative phase. Scenechronize enables this for the busy producer/director.

Prevent “The Easter Pageant Nightmare” | Phil Cooke

Here's a great article from Phil Cooke on handling cantatas, dramas, and videos for special days effectively... Prevent 'The Easter Pageant Nightmare' | Phil Cooke The Change Revolution.

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